Coffee Trends For 2020


People around the world really love their coffee. We all do. When we wake up in the morning, our routine is to drink a cup of coffee before we get started on our day. Then, we might have a cup on our way to work or at our desk. For many, that’s satisfying enough, but coffee enthusiasts everywhere want new ways to sip the delicious beverage and the industry is responding with a wide range of new and unique offerings.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Coffee Trends That We Are Going To See In 2020:

Iced Coffee- iced coffee is obviously not a new thing. Coffee is commonly found in ice creams and cold mixed drinks. The basic way is to add some milk to the coffee and put ice cubes into it. We are seeing a revival of iced coffee right now and it’s growing at more than 7% each year. In 2020, iced coffee is more about the smooth flavour profile and cafes are using the latest organic coffee capsules to get that taste their customers want.

Oat Milk- oat milk is becoming increasingly popular as a non-dairy milk for coffee drinkers. It’s made of powdered oats, water and perhaps, canola oil, depending on the producer. Coffee mixed with oat milk can be surprisingly rich and full-bodied, just like whole dairy milk. Oat milk is also known for its fibre content and ideal for people who are lactose intolerant. Oat milk still contains some amount protein.

More Automated Smart Espresso Machines In Cafes- there are many benefits of using automated smart espresso machines. These machines have built-in grinders to provide the best coffee experience and they use compostable coffee pods. Automatic coffee makers offer presets of brewing modes, so custom coffee blends can be prepared automatically with a single touch of a button. Frothing and coffee brewing configurations will be much more consistent to enhance drinking experience.

Custom Coffee Blends- cafes can mix multiple types of beans in automatic espresso machines to produce distinct scents and flavours. The special blends can help enhance brand awareness, because the cafe could be associated with specific blend. These custom blends can then be used in compostable coffee pods.

Consistent Brewing Quality- with the automatic smart espresso machine, the consistency of the coffee blends will remain constant. In fact, it could be better than the coffee made by most baristas.

More Cafes Going Cashless- cashless payments ensure faster business operations and more transparent financial transactions. Both customers and cashier don’t need to fumble for bills and coins and this can mean decreased wait times as customers will get their favourite coffee drinks faster.

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