Easiest Therapy to De-Link Negativity from Memories


Dealing with emotional stress, depression and anxiety that any past experience brings to you can now be treated by means of the latest therapeutic method. In 2015, John Nolan qualified as the world’s eighty eighth havening technique professional. He has gathered experience in the field and knows how to help his patients to recover from all the unpleasant moments in their past that hold them back in the present. The following article shall provide you a brief introduction of the havening therapy.

What Does the Treatment Do?

The havening techniques are used to literally de-link the negativity of some specific memory/ event of the past that troubles you in the future.

  • It does not erase any part of the recollection of memories in your brain. The memories stay there but they no longer hold you back from living your present life to the fullest.
  • So basically your therapist just removes the unpleasant affect of your memories and aids you in living your life to the fullest.
  • This provides them with a power to help you in preventing any negativity in your future as well. Your brain ends up being quite immune to anxiety and depression in the future.

Por qué emociones y recuerdos se unen con intensidad en nuestra memoria? -  Plenilunia

How Does It Work?

The therapy is a psycho sensory cure that uses the aid of physical touch to alter the way a memory affects your life.

  • It involves the use of EMDR techniques as well. The lateral locomotion of eyes and tapping different parts of the body is a way of psycho sensory therapy.
  • The results are phenomenal. The technique removes symptoms of traumas and phobias permanently in a single session.

Solid Research

  • The technique has been developed after solid scientific research and there is no doubt regarding the positive results it gives. Dr. Ronald who is the creator of the havening technique did extensive research regarding how precisely the traumas are encoded in the brain and how specifically touch therapy can affect that. The therapy changes the brain chemistry regarding the negativity of the traumas.

Scientific Terms

  • In scientific terms, the touch produces a delta wave that moves to the brain and changes the state of the brain. It alters the electrical and the chemical balance of the brain that increases the level of serotonin and hence decreasing the level of cortisol that eventually decreases stress. In this way they gain access to the brain’s emotional centre.