How To Improve Your Cognitive Performance

How To Improve Your Cognitive Performance

Are you looking for a mental edge? A way to get your brain to another level to help you with work, relationships, your physical condition, or any other goals? Cognitive performance is something so overlooked when it comes to overall health. People mistakenly think that you’ve got whatever you’re born with, and there’s no sense trying to change or improve your cognitive performance. That’s just false! Thankfully, recent developments in medicine and the health and wellness industry have opened doors to just how much control we have over our own cognitive performance.

What would you do with more brainpower? How much would a better memory help your life? If you’re having a hard time thinking of answers, that’s OK! Most of us have never even thought of the possibility of improving cognitive performance. But most of us would certainly go to great lengths to get any incremental boost to brain function. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your cognitive performance. You can make your brain more healthy, which will have a lasting impact on your life, your work, and the people around you. Here are some ways you can give your cognitive performance a boost.

Diet The Right Way

Diet and nutrition have a massive effect on cognitive function. Food, drink, and anything else you put in your body is literally the fuel your brain uses to crunch numbers, solve problems, and think of creative solutions. Eat vegetables, drink a ton of water to stay hydrated, and stay away from junk food to keep your brain in top shape. A diet high in protein, fiber, and vegetables fuels your brain without the massive ups and downs that other diets reliant on heavy carbohydrates experience.

The thing about dieting is that it’s a very personal thing. What works for your energy levels and cognitive performance may not be the same as for someone else. You’re going to have to experiment and work your way to the right diet that helps you think and create clearly.

Get Enough Sleep

So many people overlook the importance of sleep when it comes to cognitive function. Using your brain efficiently requires it to be rested so that it’s ready to go when it’s called upon. When you try to put your brain under increased strain when you need it, you need to make sure it has the appropriate reserves in place.

Much like food, the amount of sleep you need will depend on who you and what type of health you are in. A good rule of thumb is to start sleeping eight hours a night and adjust according to how you feel. Be honest with yourself. If you need more sleep, get it. Don’t fool yourself into the online salesman schtick of sleep is for lazy people. You’ll run mental circles around them if you’re well-rested. Do your best to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Odds are you will feel more productive and maintain consistent energy throughout the day.

Keep Your Brain Active

If you want to improve your cognitive performance, you have got to exercise your brain. Your brain is like a muscle, it is going to grow or shrink depending on the demands placed upon it. If you are in a monotonous job or aren’t pursuing hobbies or interests, your brain is atrophying.

Find some passions to pursue outside of work. Take on that extra work project to mix things up in your career. Play games, do puzzles and engage in other activities that keep your brain sharp and ready to go. The more you sharpen your brain, the better your cognitive performance will be.

Do What You Can To Reduce Stress

Stress is a brain performance killer. It is also bad for your physical health. Have you ever been so stressed about something you started getting headaches and it was hard to think about anything else? Stress clouds your thinking. Managed incorrectly, it does nothing for you. Look at the way you respond to stress and what it’s doing to your brain. Then, do what you can to eliminate negative sources of stress in your life.

There are some benefits to certain types of stress. Stressing your brain and your body during exercise or learning math, for example, can increase your mind’s ability to function under stress and take on larger challenges. Do this type of testing in stages to grow incrementally.

Some Amazing Research Around Peptides

Peptides have been getting some incredible test results recently tied to research done on mice that indicate they improve cognitive performance. Peptide Sciences talks about one peptide, named Semax, which showed in tests done on mice that it protected against cognitive decline and even helped with neurological impairment. Researchers found that offering low doses to test mice showed improvement in cognitive function.

Find Some Incredible Supplements That Work

You can also take nootropics to improve cognitive performance. A nootropic is a supplement that boosts memory, promotes focus, supports mental processing, and can also help you get in the “zone” where you’re your most creative and effective. There are many different nootropics on the market, so it’s a matter of finding one that works for you. Buy a few and try them out. When taking a nootropic, it’s a good idea to write down how you feel before and after a few weeks on the supplement so you can track what kind of results you’re getting.