How to Pick the Best Event Caterer and Avoid Mistakes!

How to Pick the Best Event Caterer and Avoid Mistakes!

Hiring a caterer is about more than just the quality of the meal; caterers must also remain calm under pressure, interact with a number of people effectively and thoroughly, handle waiting staff, demonstrate versatility, and foresee problems that might occur.

Don’t hesitate to ask difficult questions while interviewing caterers. You need to guarantee that the catering company has the expertise to fulfill your needs, and versatility. Explore our tips for choosing the right event caterer, plus the most important questions to ask to narrow down your choices during caterer interviews.

When Choosing A Caterer, Consider The Event Size And Particular Needs.

The caterer you hire must be able to manage the number of individuals you plan to invite and the service’s complexity. Sometimes, during a cocktail hour, you will need appetizers, a three-course meal with a waiting service, and a dessert spread. You can need a simple buffet occasionally, or only light appetizers.

Be Transparent About Your Interests And Need For Versatility.

Party planners and hosts have the stressful task of planning for something that might happen, so if both sides are as versatile as possible, it makes it easier for all. This is specifically true when it relates to food. Food allergies, dietary requirements, and preferences can complicate things, so it is vital to have a chef who foresees and prepares for such data.

Check Out Customer Feedback From The Event Caterer.

With their assurances, you want to believe that your caterer will follow through. Getting referrals and reviews is one of the easiest ways to do so. If the caterer has been recommended by a trustworthy source, ask other peers if they have worked with them and have similar high praise.

Also, for feedback and event images, such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, Yelp, and event planning forums, search online outlets will help too. Explore the testimonials included on the website of the company, which will show you what the company sees as essential quality measures.

Keep The Venue Of Your Event In Mind When Recruiting A Catering Agency.

Place is important. Consider the business location of the caterer and the distance they are going to drive to cater to your case. They can have problems with the venue if they don’t attend events in your area enough. Find a caterer who knows your venue or has experience with a comparable venue at least. If you select a company that is not acquainted with your location, make sure they can work with the location. You don’t want to find that the food truck you hired will not fit through the narrow driveway arch of the venue or that there’s not enough electricity for the outdoor electrical hookup. The advantages of choosing a caterer who knows the venue include experience of the layout of the venue, kitchen, and preparation areas, as well as coordination with the employees of the venue.

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