STD Testing Tips And Symptoms

STD Testing Tips And Symptoms

Chlamydia is an extremely common sexually transmitted disease (STD), which is perfectly curable. However, it can cause infertility if left untreated. Anybody who is sexually active will contract gonorrhea. Gonorrhea can lead to very serious reproductive complications if not treated, but is highly curable with the right treatment. An effective treatment for gonorrhea involves antibiotics. If your infection is not treated, it can lead to serious health problems and complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and even death.

Women can become infected with STDs through different ways. The most common means of transmission is through vaginal, oral sex, or anal sex. A recent study found that women who have more than one partner during sexual intercourse are at a much higher risk of contracting STD. Other ways to become infected by STD includes sharing utensils, being tattooed, and having multiple sex partners.

Many people believe that symptoms of STDs only occur in certain locations. This is simply not true. The symptoms can show up in other places as well, including the genitals, urethra, mouth, and eyes. Some symptoms that may show up in the genitals include itching, burning, redness, and swelling around the area of sexual intercourse. Others may only show up in the mouth and eyes.

Symptoms of Chlamydia may include a strong, urine-like smell coming from the vagina or urethra. Other symptoms may include an inflammation of the genitals, burning while urinating, blood in the urine, painful sex, and inflammation of the scrotum. Other symptoms of Chlamydia may include bone pain or tenderness in the pelvis, painful urination, painful sex, and skin lesions that do not heal. Itching, discharge, and discharge that do not come through the vagina may also be a sign of Chlamydia. Get a Chlamydia home test kit today! You should note that just because these symptoms may seem like the problem may be sexually related does not mean that you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

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Genital warts are another STD that has many different signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms may appear very quickly or over time. Symptoms of genital warts may include an itching or burning sensation around the genitals. Other signs include a soft wart-like area on the genitals that causes discomfort or pain when touched. The warts may also be gray or pink.

Urination can also indicate an STD. Some of the STD’s symptoms may include frequent urination, which could indicate bladder infections, kidney infections, or urinary tract infections. Another symptom may include lower abdominal pain that occurs during the time that there is urination. If you notice any of these signs, you should visit your doctor immediately.