Is Broad Spectrum CBD Better For Dogs?

Is Broad Spectrum CBD Better For Dogs?

Dog owners all over the world prefer to use broad-spectrum CBD for dogs instead of full-spectrum. Do they have a method to this madness, or is it just a personal preference? It all depends on the dog and the way they react to CBD products. In order to get an understanding of what could be better for your dog, you have to understand the difference between the hemp extracts that go into the CBD products that we give our pets and take for ourselves.

CBD in General

CBD, in itself, is just one out of over a hundred different cannabinoids that are in a hemp plant. Out of all the cannabinoids that we know of that are in the hemp plant the two most popular ones are CBD and THC. Although they are both cannabinoids and come from the same source, they have very different effects on the human brain. THC causes obvious psychoactive effects that induce a pretty powerful high, and CBD has the potential to inhibit the endocannabinoid system’s receptors from sending and receiving information. One will directly affect the brain, and the other will be able to persuade the brain to act in a different way. Both are potentially harmful and potentially beneficial.

THC and Dogs

Many of the more ignorant stoners believe that it is funny to blow marijuana smoke into their dog or cat’s face and get them stoned. It is understandably acceptable if you don’t know the facts about how THC can be toxic to animals. Although a tiny amount of THC is most likely harmless for animals, different animals will have different tolerances to toxins that they bring into their bodies. The bottom line is that THC is really bad for dogs and cats because it is a toxin for them. It may not seem like you are exposing them to very much if you get them high, but most dogs and cats are much smaller than humans, so a little to you might be a lot to them.

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Now that you have a general understanding of CBD, THC, and how THC can affect animals, it is time to take a look at full-spectrum CBD products. 

When a hemp extract is a full-spectrum extract it means that the extract contains the full spectrum of the hemp plant. As we mentioned earlier, CBD and THC are only a couple of over 100 other cannabinoids that are part of the hemp plant. On top of cannabinoids, there are a plethora of terpenes and flavonoids that are there as well. All of these compounds together make up the entire essence of the hemp plant. When you pull that essence out and put it into a tincture or oil you have the full spectrum of all of the elements including a small amount of THC. Since the legal amount of THC that is allowed in a hemp plant is 3% or lower, full-spectrum hemp products will have a maximum of 3% THC content. Although this is a very tiny amount, it is still present.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Products

Now broad-spectrum hemp extracts are a little bit different in the way that they are processed. With this type of extract, everything is still intact, except for the presence of THC. the main difference between a broad spectrum extract and a full spectrum extract is that during the process all traces of THC are removed. The end result is having a broad spectrum of the hemp plant available in the extract. No THC whatsoever.

Which is Better for Dogs?

Since many people believe in the entourage effect that brings all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids together in a way that provides a more robust effect of the product it is arguable that leaving the THC intact will have a better effect on the dog or person that uses it. However, knowing that THC can be very toxic for animals it is more arguable that for the safety of the animal it is better to not have any THC at all.

The best way to answer the question according to the needs of your own dog would be to call the veterinarian’s office and get a professional opinion. All dogs are different and what might be good for one, could actually harm the other.