5 Steps To Help Maximise The Effects Of Your Home Workouts

Home Workouts

If you enjoyed home workouts over lockdown and you’ve decided that you’re going to carry on with them instead of heading back to the gym, you may be in need of some advice about how to maximise the effect of them. After months of these workouts, perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration to keep you motivated and excited about working out. Look no further, as you’ll be more raring to go than ever if you follow these five steps!

Mix Up Your Routine

If you do the same thing each week, you’re very likely to get bored. Rather than just alternating cardio and weights or doing HIIT workouts everyday, it’s time to mix things up and incorporate something new into your routine. Add in a dance workout over the weekend, switch out a weights session for an hour of yoga or change a long, slow jog for a shorter session of sprints. Your body may have plateaued as it hasn’t been challenged with something different, so you’ll be surprised with the results you see when you step out of your comfort zone and test your body.

Find An Exercise Buddy

When you’re working out on your own all the time, it can be hard to feel motivated. The perfect solution is to find an exercise buddy to workout with. Whether this is a socially distanced garden workout, a virtual dance party or a park run, having someone else there to provide a bit of friendly competition will offer a much needed energy boost when you’re working out. You can watch each other get fitter and healthier and know that you achieved it together.

Keep To A Schedule

If you don’t set time aside to workout, it can be very easy to find excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise. Find an hour in your day that you fully dedicate to exercise and try your best to keep it free. Why not designate each Sunday morning to a long walk with your friends or family to help get some steps in? Plan ahead and prepare yourself mentally for the workout and you will get so much more out of it.

Home Workouts

Set Goals

After months of training, if you are feeling bored, it might be time to set yourself some new challenges. Maybe you want to be able to do ten pushups on your toes next month, you’re determined to run a 5k or you want to beat your chest press personal best. Try something completely different and you might just find your new favourite hobby. A good tip is to create non-weight related fitness goals. Once you focus on challenging yourself and improving your overall health and wellbeing, rather than becoming captivated by the number on your scales, the weight will drop off and you will feel so much better in yourself.

Support Exercise With A Healthy Diet

When you’re exercising regularly, it is essential that you fuel your body properly. Without consuming enough healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates and nutrients, you won’t be able to perform to the best of your ability as you’re likely to feel achy, tired and tight. So, eat a healthy, balanced diet and incorporate a protein shake and a vitamin tablet into your daily routine. Mixing up your diet and bringing in new, healthy and exciting ingredients might be what you need to help you transform your home workouts.