A Beginners Guide on how to Purchase Weed Seeds

A Beginners Guide on how to Purchase Weed Seeds

If you have little experience growing marijuana, determining which cannabis seeds to use can be difficult. With all of the different strains and types of seeds available, it’s no surprise that newcomers are confused.

Most unfamiliar growers want their first attempt at growing cannabis to be as simple as possible. So it’s critical to buy seeds that don’t need much care and are mould-resistant. When it comes to growing cannabis, you will need to learn a lot, so the simpler the seeds, the better.

Nowadays, there are numerous methods for obtaining seeds. Even in areas where the sale and consumption of cannabis are prohibited, you may come across a cannabis grow shop. It is not illegal to sell seeds, grow lights, grow tents, and other related products. Officials may raise their eyebrows once the seed is planted. There are also plenty of online stores, many of which have lengthy seed menus that provide the customer with a wide range of options. Websites like Homegrown Cannabis Co ship high-quality seeds all over the world.

In this article, we will go over the most popular seed option. Although you may have heard of each type before, we will go over the fundamentals of each.

Benefits of Using Autoflowering Seeds?

The first type of seed we’ll talk about is autoflowering cannabis seeds. They typically produce strains that are a cross between Sativa and Indica, as well as marijuana ruderalis, a species native to Russia. Because of its low THC content, many growers avoid growing marijuana ruderalis on its own; however, many people use these seeds to interbreed because the plant grows automatically after 7 weeks. They are hardy plants that can withstand cold temperatures.

Many people who are just getting started with gardening prefer to use autoflowering seeds. These seeds are less demanding on first-time growers than regular seeds. The issue that most people have when growing with regular seeds is that they must monitor and adjust the light cycle so that their crops have 12 hours without light during the flowering stage. If light gets in during this stage of the cycle, it could stop the plant from flowering and hurt the number of buds you get. Not only that, but it may affect the potency of marijuana buds.

Because autoflowering plants are genetically programmed to flower, rather than relying on environmental factors, the grower does not need to change the light cycle to induce flowering. Autoflowering seeds make growing much easier and require very little preservation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing with Feminized Seeds?

If you enjoy smoking cannabis, eating marijuana edibles, or vaping dried herb, the female marijuana plant deserves a lot of credit. Growers, especially newcomers, will want to produce a female plant. Although male plants have their uses, if this is your first grow and you notice signs that your plant is a male, it’s probably time to toss it. Most people prefer to use feminized seeds to reduce the possibility of producing a male plant. Here are some of the benefits of growing cannabis with feminized seeds:

  • High rate of success: Although seed stores cannot guarantee that the seeds will produce female plants, even if the seeds are feminized, they can advertise a 98 percent success rate.
  • Each plant will develop buds.
  • These plants have a very low chance of pollinating other plants.

Unfortunately, not all seeds are perfect, so here are a few disadvantages you may encounter when using feminized seeds.

  • Growing with feminized seeds is not a good idea if you want to produce seeds.
  • Male seeds are necessary for the development of novel and exciting strains.
  • Feminized seeds are typically more expensive than regular seeds.
  • It is not guaranteed that the seeds will germinate.

In recent years, feminized seeds have been the most popular choice among growers.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

These regular weed seeds have not been tampered with, unlike the other marijuana seeds discussed in this article. When it comes to regular cannabis seeds, they are a gamble because they may not germinate and have a 50% chance of producing a male plant.

Why bother taking the risk if there’s only a 50% chance they’ll grow up to be a pollen-producing male plant? Although most growers are disappointed when they determine the gender of their plant only to discover that they have been tending to a male plant for weeks, males are still an important part of the growing process. Without the male plant, breeding is impossible.

Another reason many growers prefer to use regular cannabis seeds is that they frequently produce high-quality clones. Cloning is a popular option because it allows the grower to obtain a replica of the plant they are cultivating. This allows the grower to skip the germinating phase, shortening the cycle time. Growers typically take cuttings from a strong, mother marijuana plant. Having duplicate plants means you’ll be able to understand the plant’s characteristics.

Clones derived from a plant grown from regular seeds are more robust. They also have a lower chance of being hermaphrodites. Feminized seeds do not always provide multiple harvests. When cloned, their genetics become less stable.


It is critical to select a type of seed, but it is equally important to understand what strain you will use. Whether you decide to grow a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strain, do your homework first. Some strains grow better in different conditions and environments. It is critical to understand what grow equipment is required and which nutrients should be used. Although almost anyone can grow marijuana, the challenge is growing high-quality cannabis.