All About the Most Important Protein

All About the Most Important Protein

Surely you’ve heard of Collagen before. It is mentioned in commercials for cosmetics, in beauty salons and it seems that whichever magazine you pick up collagen will be mentioned at some point.

But did you know that Collagen is actually a protein that is produced by our internal organs, bones and even collon.

Why is Collagen the Most Important Protein There is

Collagen looks like a triple spiral composed of three chains that consist of hundreds aminoacidos. Basically 80-90% of our dry skin, after water is deduced, is collagen. This fact makes collagen the most important skin protein as well.

Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and it’s firmness that we are born with. In addition, collagen helps with muscle flexibility and bone strength.

As we age our bodies can’t produce as much collagen as the body needs to stay firm and flexible and that’s why collagen is considered to be the most important protein that we produce on our own.

Collagen is Responsible for…

Other than being the most important protein, collagen is also the most present protein in our system. It can be found in our teeth, muscles, bones and skin and does wonders for our hair and nails. Other than that collagen triggers metabolism and helps us look younger, as it is also responsible for the lack of lines on our face.

How to Deal With the Lack of Collagen

There are things we can do ourselves to keep decent amounts of collagen in our bodies. First and most important thing you can do is avoid direct sunlight. It would also help to use proper sunscreen.

Bad dietary habits can also influence the level of collagen in our system.

Balanced diet that includes all the necessary food groups helps with the collagen levels.

Just some of the groceries that are rich with collagen are: chicken, eggs, fish, citrus fruits, berries, macadamia nuts, beans and garlic. These are all items that are regularly found in most households and surely have a place in your everyday menu.

But, we don’t always have time for a proper diet. That’s why we at (  would like to present a simple affordable solution to help you keep the health and flexibility of your skin and muscles up to date.

About Collagen UP

Collagen UP ( is a product that is vegan, gluten and lactose free, contains no sugars and has no flavour.

It is not really collagen because Collagen UP doesn’t contain proteins. Instead the capsules are filled with ingredients that help make the formation of collagen in the body. By taking the capsules regularly you are actually motivating your body to keep producing collagen and reversing the aging process.

Collagen UP is filled with vitamin c, plant extracts and amino acid lysins, proline and glycine with ceramides in addition, which have recently proven to be a revelation in the field of skin care.

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