Buyer’s Guide: Nail Paint and Acrygel

Buyer’s Guide: Nail Paint and Acrygel

In the era where COVID has caused us to practice social distancing, and quarantine, mastering the best nail art has become a necessity. It’s evident you can’t go to the salon anymore to get your nails done, so why not do it at home?

If that’s the reason why you’re looking for good quality nail paints, which are not just long lasting, but also have the best consistency, then we have got you covered! Let’s discuss how you can find the best nail paint, and where you’ll find it. Are you questioning Where to buy the best Best Acrygel and nail paints? There’s no need to worry, we’ll answer all your questions.

Features of the Best Nail Polish:

Before we get into the details of acrygel, let’s discuss how you’re going to find the best nail polish. In order to select a high quality product, you need to take into account certain features and criterion. Let’s get started with the features you’re going to look at, when in search for the best nail polish. Here’s a list:

Type of Nail Polish

If you’re looking for the most outstanding nail paint, then the first thing you must take into consideration is what type of nail paint you’re looking for. Assuming you don’t know what types of nail paints there are, we’ll explain briefly. There are 2 types of nail paints:

  • Base coat: such nail paints are less viscous, and dry quickly. They are mostly either matte, or have a tacky finish. It’s also stain preventing which means you can change your polish frequently.
  • Top coat: this paint is used to preserve the colour of your base coat. It increases the life of the manicure by preventing chipping. They also prevent discolouration because of sunlight.
  • Specialty nail paint: their main purpose is to add texture and colour to your nails. It strengthens nails because of its hardening ingredients. They’re quite pigmented, and long lasting.

The Textures/ Finishes:

By finishing we’re referring to matte, metalled, or frosted nail paints. Metallic nail paints give your nails a ‘metalled’ appearance. As for matte ones, they give a smooth, yet non-shiny texture to your nail paint. On the other hand, frosted ones give a shiny, and reflective outlook.

Features of the Best Acrygel:

Acrygel is something used to strengthen nails. It’s a type of specialty nail paint. Acrygel is acrylic plus gel, which means it’s basically acrylics, but in the form of a gel. It helps make your nail paint last longer. In addition to increasing the longevity of your nail paint, it also improves the texture of your nails, by adding extra strength, filling in the unevenness, and smoothening your nail surface.

Even though, you now know what acrygel, and nail paint is, you’re probably going to have many more questions. For instance you could be wondering Where to buy the best Nail Polish, or Acrygel? If that’s what you’re confused about, we’re here to help you. In order to buy the best nail paint and acrygel, you can look these up on the website of the makeup store you purchase your makeup from.