Where to Buy Cannabis Honey Oil Online

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For centuries, people have been smoking marijuana in a joint or bong, and suddenly a new thing happens, dabbing. How do you do it with cannabis honey oil? Not familiar with the process, let us enlighten you on how you can use it and buy it online.

How Do You Use Cannabis Honey Oil

Dabbing involves using a vaporizer to inhale the concentrate. It may not sound different from smoking a joint, but it is a giant leap forward in consuming your weed product. You can enjoy a more robust potent concentrate of the original version.

To dab, make use of a wax or shatter and known as co2 honey oil or hash oil. The color is amber and looks like honey. However, what makes it great for consumption? When you smoke raw weed, it contains 20% THC that is a lot to send you on a journey.

Now take the same cannabis run through an extraction process, and the concentrate is higher with an 80% THC content.

What is Cannabis Honey Oil Used For

You use it for one thing only to make wax or shatter and readily available to use in your dabbing process. The resin and shatter are dried forms of the honey oil Shatter have a translucent peanut-brittle character as the molecules are stacked on top of each other.

While wax at the same concentrate has a jumbled molecule and opaque coconut-oil color. The honey oil is made with extraction using a solvent like carbon dioxide, chloroform, isopropyl, or alcohol. The plants pushed through this process to strip away other chemicals and trichomes. Once completed, they remove the solvent leaving you:

  • CBN,
  • CBD,
  • THC,
  • Terpenes

Regarding health concerns using honey oil, there is evidence that smoking weed does not harm the lungs, according to Alan Shackelford, MD. However, it does depend on the concentrates used, such as butane, and best to use one made with carbon dioxide instead.

So Where Can You Buy Your Honey Oil Online

The important thing when buying honey oil is to buy it from a verified source. Furthermore, make sure the product has no Vitamin E, Propylene Glycol, polyethylene glycol, other fillers, or MCT and lab tested. An excellent example of good honey oil is Pure CO2 with 78% THC, 0% CBN, and 2% CBD. So why not try it, as it comes from a reputable source to give dabbing or vaporizing using a vape pen a try.