Inpatient And Outpatient Recovery

Inpatient And Outpatient Recovery

The ins and outs of inpatient and outpatient addiction services can be confusing to navigate when you or a loved one are already experiencing one of life’s biggest challenges. You want the best treatment available but with so many options, it’s hard to even know where to begin. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and every center is different, the key to matching these components up is to find a treatment option that works best for you. Keep in mind that although the options seem overwhelming, there are only really two options that you need to consider for treatment.

Outbound Patient Care

Outpatient, or outbound patient care, is when patients receive treatment without having to stay in  a facility full-time. This type of care can take place in many different settings, including doctors offices and hospitals or in recovery group settings. This type of treatment is ideal for those patients who still need to attend work, school or keep up with everyday life. This type of treatment is usually better set for patients with mild addiction issues, who won’t be triggered to use by their regular environment. Outbound care is also a more affordable option, and offers flexibility in lifestyle while still maintaining a high level of care.

Inbound Patient Care

Inpatient, or Inbound patient recovery programs, are a type of treatment where the patients live in a treatment facility full-time. Here they are able to receive care around the clock, with medical professionals available at any time they need in order to manage the mental and physical challenges that come with the potentially life-threatening issues that accompany withdrawal. The cost of treatment is significantly higher than that of outbound patient care, but the chances of long-term success in recovery and obtaining sobriety are much higher.

What’s next?

After taking both options into consideration, the best place to go from here is to call or visit some facilities which you think may suit your needs 

and get the ball rolling. The sooner you make contact the sooner the process can begin, and the admissions teams at each facility can help you understand the factors of price and disruption that will determine which path is the best for you to take. Whether it is better to sacrifice some money and balance in home life for inpatient care to ensure a higher chance of recovery, or perhaps the need for such intensive treatment is less and an outpatient option can be the best bet.

Taking The Leap

Selecting the right treatment path may seem like the hard part, but in reality this aspect of the journey will be out-shadowed by the challenges to come. Making the right decision now will determine how the future will unfold, so taking these options into careful consideration is of vital importance. But don’t let these feelings overwhelm you and deter you from contacting some centers right now, once you get over this hurdle and take the leap into your recovery journey you will be on your way along the path to happiness.