Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During COVID-19?


Social distancing is essential to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, even after there’s an effective vaccine for it. However, when we visit the dentist, it isn’t always possible to maintain physical distancing and we can’t keep wearing our mask. COVID-19 is highly infectious, and people don’t need to sneeze to transmit it. Small coughs and normal conversations are enough to disperse respiratory droplets a few feet from the person. When the pandemic swept across the globe earlier this year, many dentists ceased their regular operations. However, dental problems won’t wait for the outbreak to end. After missing their check-up schedules, it is recommended for people to see their dentists again for cleanings and regular check-ups. If they have current dental issues, the problem can get worse if they delay.

Going To The Dentist Is Safe

Going to the dentist is safe if everyone follows the basic guidelines. Book an appointment and ask what changes you should expect. The dentist must wear both face mask and face shield when treating patients. Whenever possible, they must keep a safe physical distance. If safety procedures are somewhat confusing, it is a good idea to ask questions. If you believe that procedures are inadequate, don’t hesitate to ask about them.

Check-In Procedures

When you first arrive, it is a good sign if there’s safe spacing in the waiting area and it’s obligatory for everyone to wear mask. Upon arrival, the staff should take your temperature and you are asked to wash hands. Waiting rooms should look sparse with magazines, toys and other objects removed. If the waiting room previously held ten seats, it may accommodate just four seats to keep people 10 feet apart. If the waiting room is fully occupied, patients might be asked to wait in their car or sit outside. For dental procedures that cause some amount of bleeding, like periodontal implants or root canals, the dentist will observe all the normal safety procedures.

Because dentists handle fewer patients, they will often be fully booked. Due to the longer delay between visits, it is better to take care of your oral health. Consider brushing your teeth three times each day after meals. Use floss and mouthwash products after brushing to keep your teeth much cleaner.

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